Gemma’s Top Tips for using Retinol for Anti-Ageing

Guest Blogger, Gemma Garrett discusses her experience using the NEW Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum and shares her top tips to achieve maximum results!

So first off this little bottle looks sweet and innocent but in fact its extremely powerful. Retinol is one of the best anti-ageing ingredients you can use but in most products its minimal. The Dr Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum has a high percentage of retinol in it which makes it so powerful and strong. Retinol breaks down dead skin and eliminates fine lines, large pores and uneven skin tones.

I started using it 2 weeks ago and although I was warned by Therapie Clinic to start with twice a week I didn’t listen and used it every other night. I used it at night followed by my moisturiser. 

I noticed improvement straight away! My skin was bright and smooth and the pores on my nose where getting smaller. 

Gemma Garrett

What then happened was when I was in London my skin started to feel like I was a little sunburnt (that tight slightly sensitive feeling. Then my skin started to dry out and flake slightly – this is good sign! 

I panicked slightly and phoned a Skincare Consultant at Therapie Clinic who told me it all sounded normal although it should not be that sensitive. I then came clean about how often I was using it. She was not impressed! 

So overall the Murad Retinol Youth Serum product is infact a little bottle of miracle cream but the directions on the back are there for a reason!!!!!!! 

Murad Retinol Renewal

So here are my top tips!

  • Start using the serum twice a week (If you are very sensitive just once or mix with your moisturiser
  • Use with a very good night cream (This product us strong and you need to keep your moisture up!) 
  • Drink more water when using it
  • Avoid sun beds or sunbathing 
  • Use a high sun factor during the day
  • Use the product for a month on then a month off
  • I love this product its fantastic but it MUST be used responsibly. 

    I also went to see Dr Tan at Therapie Clinic and he was very impressed with the condition of my skin. He said “whatever you are doing its working!” 

    Dr Murad full range is available at Therapie Clinic! And for the month of March receive £10 OFF Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, available online and instore.

    Gemma xx

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