Cooltec Fat Freezing Treatment

Cooltec Fat Freezing Treatment

Cooltec is an incredible fat-reducing treatment available at Therapie Clinic that melts away excess fat, allowing you to contour your body curves and lose inches fast. This non-invasive body treatment achieves visible results by freezing and breaking down fat cells located deep under the skin to decrease the amount of fat volume in the targeted area.

Cooltec is a non-invasive procedure that can be used all over the body where excess fat tends to accumulate. For defined curves and a sexy, streamlined shape, Cooltec is a safe and effective treatment that can also be used in tangent with other Therapie body treatments to maximize inch loss.


How does Cooltec work?

Cooltec employs non-invasive cooling of fatty tissue to induce the breaking down of fat cells (lipolysis). This is done by extracting thermal energy from the layer of fat under the skin, which gradually lowers the temperature in fat cells until it eventually freezes. Patients usually experience a mild tingling as the targeted area cools and becomes numb.

When fat cells become frozen during Cooltec, they naturally die (apoptosis) and begin to break down and release their fatty acids. These broken down lipids then enter the lymphatic system and are removed from the body naturally through excretion resulting in a clear reduction in the amount of fat in the treatment area.




Who is suitable for Cooltec?

Cooltec is ideally suited to anyone who is within their healthy weight range but struggling to get rid of localized deposits of fat despite trying diet and exercise.

The treatment should not be considered an alternative to all-over weight loss and is not suitable for those with large amounts of fat on the body. Cooltec achieves notable improvement on patients who are relatively slim but want to shift noticeable bulges of fat that prevent you from having a streamlined shape.



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Frequently Asked Questions


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How soon will I see results with the Cooltec treatment?

You can expect to see up to 25% reduction in fat in the targeted area after an initial treatment, and it will take anywhere from two weeks to 90 days after the treatment for the full results to become evident.

This is because once the fat cells have been destroyed by the Cooltec fat freezing process; they’ll take a while to pass naturally out of the body.

Is Cooltec Safe?

Cooltec is a fat-reducing procedure that is proven to reduce fat volume in patients using a safe and scientifically-sound method of freezing fat.

Throughout any Cooltec treatment, the process is carefully monitored so fat freezes but surrounding muscle, nerves, blood vessels and overlying skin remains unaffected.

How many treatments Cooltec treatments are needed?

It depends on the patient and their amount and distribution of fat cells, but in general between one and three treatments are recommended for each area with Cooltec.

For instance, if you want to target your stomach and your love-handles, you may have both of those areas treated at the same time, but then you must leave 90 days between treatments to allow the breakdown and natural expulsion of fat cells to occur, before going back for another treatment on the same area.

What areas can be treated with Cooltec?

Each person will have different problem areas, but Cooltec is a versatile treatment that can be used anywhere on the body where excess fatty deposits are an issue.

Cooltec is particularly effective in treating the abdominal area where fat tends to accumulate above the waistline (muffin top) and on the sides of the stomach (love handles).

Cooltec can also be used to remove fat from the hips, thighs, buttocks and back.

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