Laser Hair Removal for Women

Never Shave, Wax or Pluck Again

Excessive and unsightly body or facial hair can be embarrassing. For a woman, facial hair can even lower her self-confidence. Not to forget, the hours a woman spends waxing, shaving and plucking can all add up – all for only a temporary hair removal solution. At Therapie Clinic, we understand how time-consuming and irritating unwanted hair can be. That is why we offer state-of-the-art laser hair removal that is specifically designed for a woman’s body.
As one of the most effective and safest ways to remove unsightly hairs, you could permanently eliminate the need for a razor at home. Whether you need to remove hair from your bikini area, legs or even your eyebrows, our customised treatments will leave you with soft, smooth skin and lots more time to do the things you enjoy!

Why Choose Therapie Clinic for Your Permanent Laser Hair Removal?

We are recognised as industry leaders. Our technicians have treated over 400,000 clients and use the latest technology, all while still making our procedures affordable so that laser hair removal is never out of your reach. Book a consultation today to see for yourself how effective our procedures can be. We only employ highly experienced and skilled technicians. After just a few treatments, you will start to see dramatic results; we guarantee it.

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Imagine Getting Ready in the Morning Without Shaving or Waxing Ever Again?

No more painful waxing appointments, no more cringing as you pluck those unsightly hairs and no more nicks and razor burns on your legs. You can enjoy permanent hair removal – saving you time and money.

Permanent Hair Removal for Women Starts with Industry-Leading Technology

Other clinics that offer hair removal services use outdated technology – such as the IPL, which is not technically a laser. At Therapie Clinic, we only use the latest, safest equipment in our offices. Our Soprano ICE Laser offers the latest technology in laser hair removal. As the gold standard in hair removal, this laser features highly accurate pulses of light and is FDA-approved.

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Laser hair removal offers these time saving & painless benefits for women:

Can result in the permanent removal and reduction of unwanted hair – laser hair removal is virtually painless – can be a very effective treatment for ingrown hairs – no more shaving – laser hair removal is a much shorter and more effective procedure than electrolysis.

Upgraded Technology

We at Therapie use Medical Grade Lasers and gels only! The gel is from a very professional physio supplies company. We are even equipped with the latest Soprano ICE laser for extreme precision.

For a free laser hair removal consultation, speak to an expert at Therapie Clinic today on 08000 121 565. Or you can use our contact form to book an appointment with our team.



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