Male Grooming and Men’s Waxing versus Laser Hair Removal: Is Waxing Really the Right Choice for You?

male grooming belfastGetting rid of unwanted hair is easier than most men might realise. At Therapie Clinic, we understand how body hair and even excess facial hair can be embarrassing and time-consuming to manage. If you have been going to salons that offer male waxing in Belfast, you may want to consider better alternatives too.

Laser hair removal is safe, effective and virtually pain-free. In comparison to men’s waxing in Belfast, it is also the more preferred method among men. Whether you need to remove coarse neck hairs, eliminate back and shoulder hair or get smooth arms, the innovative laser treatments at our clinic can help.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal Over Waxing?

Permanent hair removal is not just a female thing; in fact, our clinic treats dozens of men each week that want to get rid of body hair. Whether you want your hair completely removed or just thinned out, here are a few compelling reasons to choose laser hair removal for male grooming in Belfast.

• Treatments are 30 minutes per treatment and may require up to eight treatments to complete.
• Removes hair on the back, chest, stomach, shoulders, neck, ears, face, legs, arms, and more.
• Damages the hair from the root, making it difficult for hair to grow back.
• Pain-free hair removal with results that can permanently reduce or eliminate body hair.

male waxing BelfastMale waxing is effective temporarily, and it is no comparison to the benefits of laser hair removal. Men’s waxing treatments typically involve:

• Sticky, honey-based waxes that are hard to remove.
• Short appointments, but waxing must be repeated weekly to keep the area hairless.
• Short-term results – men’s waxing in Belfast is not a permanent solution.
• Irritated skin, rashes and unsightly bumps that could remain for days.
• Painful hair removal appointments.

If you compare the costs of weekly waxing treatments over a lifetime to the cost of laser hair removal, you may be surprised at how much money you will save. Also, consider the time it takes to wax weekly, while with lasers you only have to endure up to eight treatments before you permanently reduce unwanted hair.

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Get the Best Results and Enjoy a Permanent Men’s Hair Removal Solution

At Therapie Clinic, we use the Soprano ICE Laser for all of our hair removal services. This laser is known as the “gold standard” in hair removal because it offers superior accuracy, better results, and a cool application so your skin never feels overheated.

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