Guest Blogger, Gemma Garrett discusses her experience using the NEW Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum and shares her top tips to a
Guest Blogger, Gemma Garrett reveals the secret to her perfect complexion on Beauty Queen & Single Everyone has been asking m
Cha Yi Tea
It’s now Mid-January and for some of us that means we have either given up or are struggling with our New Years Resolution to sh
As we pull out the knits, scarves, and coats, summer can seem like a distant dream. Time goes fast though, and no matter what time
Shopping for your friends, family, and loved ones is never easy. Changing tastes, limited space, and tight budgets can contribute
As the holidays go into full swing and your calendar gets filled with celebrations, it can be an exciting and intimidating time of
Growing up demands grown up gifts for the holiday season. If you are looking for a present that keeps on giving every time you loo
lip fillers
Put your best pout forward when the clock strikes midnight! Lip fillers provide beautiful results and can give you the youthful, f
For years you have been battling unwanted facial and body hair. Daily tweezing, monthly waxing, or sporadic experiments with at-ho
Unfortunately, unwanted body hair is a challenge that impacts people across genders and cultures. This recurring problem can lead
micro-needling belfast
It may sound a little scary, especially for people who are afraid of needles, but micro-needling is actually a minimally invasive
Facial hair is not just a problem that men struggle with. In fact, women (including famous women), have been battling unsightly fa
At first glance, you may be wary about paying for the cost of laser hair removal. After all, it is a significant upfront cost. You
In certain circles, you may find that friends and family are singing the praises of Botox therapy. Today, having Botox injections
Who has time to visit the gym in the summer? You have places to be, beaches to sunbathe on and fun activities to occupy your time.
The Olympics are officially upon us and some of the world’s finest athletes have been working hard to prepare for this once-in-a
Lip filler treatment, also known as lip augmentation, is becoming a popular way to increase the volume in your lips and give you t
Have you ever looked at celebrities and wondered how their skin always looks so soft, youthful and naturally glowing? While some o
Back in the day, Hollywood’s best names had to rely on liposuction in order to reduce stubborn body fat and keep themselves read
Shaving does not cost money, right? Waxing costs less than laser treatments too, right? These are just some of the justifications
celebs who love laser hair removal
Instead of shaving frequently, most celebrities have undergone laser hair removal. After all, switching from set to set and spendi
Guest Blogger, Gemma Garrett reveals how she revitalised her skin with the Murad IP5 Facial, exclusive to Therapie Clinic With my
If you are living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), you are most likely dealing with the excess hormones, weight gain (and po
dangers of botox parties
Botox parties, often called “pumping” parties, are a new social trend. A group gathers (typically in a host’s home) to recei
Guest Blogger, Gemma Garrett reveals how she got ready for Therapie Miss Northern Ireland 2016 with the help of Cha Yi Weight Loss
Winter is harsh on everyone, especially when it comes to your skin. From the rashes to excessive dryness, you may have noticed you
botox and fillers - NI
Guest Blogger – Gemma Garrett discusses Botox & Fillers at Therapie Clinic NI It’s very hard to decide who to tru
It has finally happened. The icy chill of winter has left the air and temperatures are starting to warm up! You might even be thin
Since its approval in 2002, Botox has grown in popularity exponentially as a minimally invasive way to remove wrinkles and create
A traditional tummy tuck does yield flat, taught abs, but not without a scar. This scar runs from the hipbone to the other hipbone
Growing older has many benefits. You become more confident, are more established and become wiser from having your own unique expe
financing laser hair removal
Many people struggle with finding hair removal options that suit their lifestyle. A lot of people make their decision based on wha
Cosmetic surgery and Botox® have become increasingly common. It’s not unusual to know someone who has had a small nip, tuck or
Hair removal isn’t just a routine for the ladies. Professional male athletes and celebrities are showing off hairless chests and
Navigating the beauty industry can be tough. Changing trends, misinformation and new technology makes it difficult to know what is
It can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends in beauty, especially those that celebrities are following. With access to
Men around the world turn to shaving and razors to tame unruly body hair. Dealing with cartridge refills, messy shaving cream, ing
The list of benefits of laser hair removal is extensive. With long-term results and minimal pain, it is hard to imagine why so man
After weeks of holiday parties, drinks and treats, it can be extremely difficult to stick to your good intentions and New Year’s
As we enter another year, it is important to reflect on accomplishments, failures and goals in order to keep progressing, learning
Botox Belfast
Many people are turning to Botox® and dermal fillers to treat signs of aging without the hassle and cost of cosmetic surgery. Res
Botox Northern Ireland
It’s hard to believe that Botox®, one of the most recognisable names in anti-aging treatments, has been around for a quarter-ce
Male Botox Belfast
A new trend is starting to emerge in cosmetic procedures and it is not limited to women. The trend is that more men are now receiv
male grooming
There are numerous products out there that claim to help you remove hair at home without the need for a professional appointment.
Many individuals use Botox® and dermal fillers to treat wrinkles and frown lines. If you want to look younger and avoid the hassl
Happy Bride
Wedding season is here and it will continue over the next few months. If you have a big wedding day coming up, why not treat yours
sunspots therapie NI
You have heard about wrinkles, but do you know much about pigmentation and sunspots? These are very common conditions, because as
Thirsty Mud Glam Glow
For every minute you are in the sun, you need to double up on skin hydration. Sunbathing can give you that perfectly tinted glow,
laser hair removal ni
If you are thinking of getting laser hair removal for this summer’s activities, you will want to do your research. There is plen
mini tummy tuck - NI
Summer is in full swing, and if you are not out enjoying the weather and water because of your physical appearance, now is the tim
Summer weight loss blog
Just because summer is already here does not mean you cannot lose weight and look great on the beach. To help get your body into s
Laser Hair Removal Journey
Laser hair removal is certainly not a one-visit treatment. In fact, depending on your type of hair and the amount being treated, i
Polycystic ovary syndrome, also known as PCOS, is a condition that causes an imbalance of female sex hormones. This syndrome can c
Summer hair removal
The temperatures are warming up, which means bathing suits, shorts and tank tops are about to make their appearance. If you usuall
Cha Yi Tea
Diet and exercise are not enough to lose weight. Sometimes you need to integrate other things in your diet to help boost metabolis
Therapie skin care tips
Summer is all about showing off your beautiful skin. Whether it is on the beach or just sporting a new pair of sunglasses, you wan
Mini Tummy tuck Blog
The desire for a flat stomach is very common, both among men and women, but deciding which method is best is complicated. Some pat
SPF Blog
Nearly everyone experiences sunburn at some point, but that sunburn does more than irritate your skin and cause discomfort; it als
Miss NI Blog
The 2015 Therapie Miss Northern Ireland winner has been selected. Leanne McDowell was crowned in Belfast on Monday, May 11th. At o
Weight Loss Treatments Blog
Bikini season does not have to be something you dread; instead, let it be a time that you look forward to. With Therapie Clinic’
cooltec blog 2
You have seen the reports and the results. Movie stars like Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore love their Cooltec Fat Freezing trea
laser-hair-removal- Therapie
Laser hair removal is one of the safest and most effective solutions for those who want to permanently rid themselves of unwanted
If you are like most women around the world, at some point in your life, you develop stretch marks. No woman is proud of her stret
Mens LHR
Summer is almost here, which means you are planning your next holiday. Summer holidays almost always require you to have your shir
Cosmetic Blog
Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals are widely misunderstood. Both benefit the skin and your overall beauty, so it helps to understand th
beauty portrait
There is not just one type of acne; depending on the type of acne you have, you may require a different treatment than another acn
Spring skincare blog
Winter is harsh on your skin. From drying it out to leaving it flaky, pale and dull, you need to put a little extra emphasis in yo
Rosacea is a common skin disorder that often shows up after the age of 30. It can leave your skin looking red on the chin, cheeks,
Myths Laser
As with any cosmetic procedure, there are many myths out there regarding laser hair removal. As a consumer, it is important to res
Cooltec blog
CoolTec is a fat-freezing procedure that offers a non-invasive, gentle way to reduce stubborn fat on multiple areas of the body. I
benefits of laser blog
Summer is almost here, which means more capris, shorts and of course, hair removal. Instead of dealing with razor burn and the pai
Therapie NI
The heats for the 29th year of the “Therapie Miss Northern Ireland” are coming to an end. Organised by the ACA Models, there h
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also referred to as PCOS, is a condition that impacts about 10 to 15 percent of women. This syndrome
men laser hair removal
Back in the day, hair removal was strictly a “female” thing. Unless you were in a line of work that required you to be fully s
If you want to get rid of hair permanently and you are sick of traditional hair removal methods (i.e. waxing, shaving and plucking
Depending on your skin type, hormone cycle and the presence of any condition such as acne, excessive oiliness or rosacea, your ski
Having six-pack abs is the end result of a lot of hard work – high intensity cardio mixed with healthy eating and targeted core
To wax or not to wax is the question for many this summer, since the hot topic of the year seems to be whether to go ‘au natural
Get real results at Therapie Clinic Northern Ireland When it comes to burning fat and shedding excess pounds, many people can beco
The weather outside is warming up which means it’s time to pull out the shorts and start paying attention to your legs.   E
Beautiful Bride
The wedding of the century may be over, but the post nuptial analysis of Kim and Kanye tying the knot is well and truly underway..
woman on the beach wearing white bikini
Probably the most envied of all body shapes by women everywhere – the hourglass female form has curves in all the right plac
With endless celebrities posting their miniscule and perfect bikini bodies on Twitter and Instagram, you may find yourself cursing
Try the Brazilian Bum Lift at Therapie Clinic All eyes are on Brazil with the World Cup – but why not redirect the focus to your
Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon who played fiery Miranda in the hit show has opened up about her battle with Rosacea (pronounc
Cellulite is the bane of most women’s existence; no matter what shape they’re in. Affecting women of all ages and weight level
Did you know that the way you sleep could be giving you wrinkles?   Believe it or not, but it is thought that certain sleepin
Is Your Skin Hormonal? Glowing summer skin is on every woman’s wish list, but hormonal breakouts can soon have you reaching for
A daily skincare regime is important to keep your skin healthy and clear, but sometimes your complexion can appear dull and your s
Celebrities like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston know good skin. Their flawless, glowing complexions are proof th
Sometimes, no matter how many tricep dips you do, it can be impossible to see any improvement in the muscle tone of your upper arm
Bikini lines and whether women should remove the hair from the area ‘South of the Border’ has been a contentious issue in the
Have you always dreamed of pert bum? Are you tired of your backside blending into your thighs without shape or definition?  
Old habits die hard. And when it comes to the solemn vow that you make every few months to obliterate the spare tyre of fat around
You can Order One Online from Therapie Clinic   Are you self-conscious about your stained teeth? There is a simple, safe and
Ingrown hairs are just one of the irritating side effects to shaving the delicate skin around the bikini area. Everyone’s done i
On average women will embark on16 different diets in her lifetime which is a testament to the love/hate relationship that can mani
With summer fast approaching, the pressure is on to shed the pounds as the temperature heats up and sun holidays are being booked.
Are you planning on tying the knot this year? Busy brides-to-be have to contend with a huge to-do list for their wedding, which ca
Stepping on the scales can sometimes be demoralising, especially if you have put in the hard work with a healthy diet and regular
Lots of prospective brides are buffing; waxing; toning up and slimming down in preparation for their wedding day. Those photos are
You may not think we have to worry too much about sun with our rather damp climate, but even on cloudy days, the sun’s powerful
With all the fad diets, yo-yo diets and celebrity diets that are on offer these days, it is not surprising that the thought of los
The importance of adopting a regular cleansing ritual is well documented, but with our busy lives, it sometimes isn’t always pos
We’re busy, and we’re tired. Most of feel as if there are not enough hours in the day, and life can leave us feeling a bit dra
Many celebrities, including the famously impeccably-groomed Victoria Beckham, have turned their backs on shaving and waxing in fav
Almost three quarters of all women in Northern Ireland will be all too familiar with the inconvenience of stretch marks on skin. &
If you are looking for a white, sparking smile but find that tooth discolouration is holding you back, an easy-to-use teeth whiten
Rosacea is recognizable by its trademark flushing of skin around the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, but you can help reduce the
For many women, the years leading up to menopause involve fluctuating hormone levels that can leave skin feeling dry and contribut
Women tend to store more fat in certain areas of the body depending on their body shape, genetic makeup, and hormone levels.  
Oxygen plays a vital part in the effective functioning of the human body, infiltrating our entire system at all times.   It i
Stretch marks can appear on people of any weight or size; even those who maintain a healthy body weight and stay in shape with die
If you are particularly prone to regular bouts of ingrown hairs, and many fair-skinned Irish people are regardless of exfoliating
A combination of January stress; harsh weather and dry air in our homes at this time of year leaves skin looking dull and grey. &n
The word ‘facelift’ can conjure up images that involve needles, surgery and recovery time, but at Therapie the 4-Layer Facelif
The chilly weather and drop in temperature means bad news for your skin.   Cold wintery weather, along with central heating b
If you are particularly prone to regular bouts of ingrown hairs, and many fair-skinned Irish people are regardless of exfoliating
The word ‘facelift’ can conjure up images that involve needles, surgery and recovery time, but at Therapie the 4-Layer Facelif
Signs of ageing can leave you feeling more than a little deflated at this time of the year, but an Intensive Wrinkle Reducer® Rap
Try our Oxygen Lift Treatment Oxygen plays a vital part in the effective functioning of the human body, infiltrating our entire sy
        We spoke to Gemma Garrett, former Miss Belfast and Miss Great Britain. Gemma tried the new Cooltec fat
To be honest, there is no really definitive answer as to why adult acne affects some people and not others. There are several theo
CoolTec is the first and only clinically proven, non-invasive way to reduce fat in selected problem areas. It gets rid of fat in t
Laser Hair Removal in Northern Ireland   Therapie Clinic offer the most comprehensive range of Laser Hair removal and Beauty
Therapie Clinic uses only the best of medical grade lasers to ensure that your laser hair removal sessions are effective and as co
Hair can be incredibly reluctant to leave when its invited to. Most people turn to Laser Hair Removal when they grow tired of cons
This summer, your legs are going to be on display, released from the confines of trousers and tights.   The most popular and
Many people wonder how it is that a laser can remove hair from their body without burning them or having any negative side-effects
Lasers are ideal for removing unwanted hair from the face, leg, arm, underarm, bikini line, and other areas. Therapie Clinic offer
Therapie Clinic Can Help with Causes of Acne Nobody really knows what causes acne in adults. There are a lot of theories, and many
Once people discover the benefits of Laser Hair removal at Therapie Clinic, they’re converts. Laser Hair removal is a great way
Distressed by Unwanted Hair? Try Laser Hair Removal   Many women suffer from excess hair, particularly if they have an underl
The words ‘pigmented lesion’ sound a bit ominous, don’t they? But everybody has a pigmented lesion of some kind; it’s just
Laser Hair removal is the most effective way to dispense with unwanted hair. As it’s a progressive process with a cumulative eff
Ingrown hairs can become a major problem, particularly if you shave the area a lot.   It doesn’t matter how much you exfoli
When is the best time to start Laser Hair Removal treatments? Now!   As the nights grow dark early and winter is approaching,
COOLTEC is the hottest new weapon in the battle of the bulge, and people in the UK and Ireland are clamouring for the procedure, n
Technology is giving us a helping hand in getting rid of stubborn fat deposits, using a super-cooling device to breakdown of fat c
One of the most popular procedures in the UK and Ireland for targeting difficult areas of fat is COOLTEC, a breakthrough procedure
Have you noticed the odd shapes that poke out from under your clothes from the mid back area down to your waistline? You have deve
Imagine being able to painlessly shave off unwanted inches and banish stubborn rolls of fat, quickly and safely. Sounds too good t
Do you suffer from acne? Is your skin looking a bit exhausted, or do you have fine lines, dark spots or wrinkles you’d like to s
The concept behind skin needling is our skin’s ability to heal itself. Micro-Needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy,
Anti-Wrinkle Injectables (commonly known as botox, though Botox is a trade name of a particular brand) are the ideal way to mainta
Cool Way to Instantly Lose Fat with COOLTEC At the start of every year, people throughout the UK and Ireland make themselves promi
You know how it looks. Those hideous bulges of flesh that sit at either side of the waist get squeezed upwards every time you put
Say Bye-Bye to Acne and Blemishes at Therapie Clinic Breakouts are annoying no matter how old you are. Teenagers are mortified by
Cellulite and stretch marks affect all of us, regardless of weight or size. They are often inherited, or happen as a result of rap
How hair is perceived has quite a lot to do with cultural norms; some skin types have darker or more prolific hair growth than oth
Laser treatment is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair. You can wax; you can shave; you can use depilatory creams-but Laser i
Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It’s here that the most evident outward signs of aging are found; particularly on our
Tired of spending money on fragrant beauty products, yet you don’t see any discernible improvement of your skin? Have you ever h
Hello, gentlemen. Do you have a little too much hair on any part of your body? Have you been quietly shaving bits that are traditi
Facial hair in women can vary from the odd stray whisker, to disturbing amounts of long coarse hairs on the face. It’s certainly
Eve Lom is regarded the Queen of Cleansing. Dirt, oils and pollution do tremendous damage to our skin, and in order to maintain he
The surface layer of skin on your face is very telling. Imperfections, discoloration, old acne scars-they’re all right there for
Over two thirds of people in the UK and Ireland are unhappy with the amount of weight they carry around their middle.   Diet
Laser Hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair, and as it greatly reduces hair regrowth, in some cases the hair do
The Top Ten Benefits of Laser Hair Removal 1) Lower lifetime cost compared with waxing and other methods.   Laser Hair Remova
Therapie Clinic has the most advanced laser technology available in every one of their clinics, and extensive experience in helpin
Have you ever dreamed of smooth, silky hair-free legs? Well, now you can achieve that at Therapie Clinic.   Therapie Clinic i
Friday, 10 February 2012 – – By Katrina Doran.   If you’ve started to notice signs of aging bu
2012 INSTYLE BEAUTY AWARDS EVE LOM Rescue Mask Wins Again! At the InStyle awards on Tuesday 31st January 2012 , EVE LOM ’s Rescu
PolarWhitePro has been created using potent active ingredients which are clinically proven to gently eliminate discolourations, vi
Therapie Clinic in Northern Ireland is offering now an amazing deal:   A course of 6 treatments for Bikini Line and Underarm
Therapie Clinic Ireland’s No.1 Laser and Skin clinic is opening a new State of the Art Clinic in Derry. The clinic will be locat
Therapie Laser and Skin Clinic Therapie Clinic Ireland’s leading Laser and Skin Clinic will create 100 new jobs this year. Thera
Affordable laser hair removal arrives to Cork. Therapie Clinic just opened up in fabulously appointed purpose designed premises, c
VelaShape™ – Cellulite Treatment that Works VelaShape™ is exclusive to Therapie Laser Clinics in Ireland. VelaShape™ i