Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea Treatment

About Rosacea

Rosacea (pronounced rose-AY-sha) is a skin condition which causes facial redness mainly across the cheeks, nose or forehead. Rosacea can also affect the neck, chest, ears and scalp.

Unfortunately Rosacea can cause more than just facial redness. Rosacea can cause inflammation and acne-like breakouts on the skin known as Acne Rosacea, plus enlarged blood vessels on the face which appear as tiny red lines (called telangiectasias) and dry, irritated eyes. Approximately 10% of the Irish population is affected by Rosacea.

At your Free Consultation one of our highly experienced Skin Experts will assess your skin and discuss the wide range of effective Rosacea treatments available, from individually prescribed products, facials and scientifically proven chemical peels to IPL. The best solution for you will be discussed at your free consultation.

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