Skin Care Analysis


Murad YouthCam Skin Scanner

Did you know that the face you see in the mirror every day may only be telling you half the story about your skin? That is why at Therapie Clinic, we have invested in the very latest skin care analysis system.

Our revolutionary Murad YouthCam Skin Scanner enables our skin experts to make an in-depth analysis of your skin and capture 3D images. Using this data, we can get a thorough analysis of the condition and behaviour of your skin. With this understanding and knowledge, we can then tailor our treatments to suit your needs.

What Can Our Skin Care Analysis System Tell Us About Your Skin?

Using the Murad YouthCam Skin Scanner, we are able to tell what is happening on the surface of your skin. In addition, we can also measure wrinkle severity and depth. Our analysis reveals facts such as how much haemoglobin is present in your skin—this shows the likelihood and presence of unsightly red veins.

Skin Care-Analysis-2It measures five key skin health markers:

  • Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Sensitivity & Redness
  • Blemishes & Inflammation
  • Pores

Once we have collected the data we need, we will carry out a thorough analysis so that we can create an individual prescription of treatments that will give you outstanding results. How would you love to have radiant, clear and youthful looking skin? Our skin care analysis procedure is the first step to achieving what you once thought may be impossible.

Benefits of booking a facial skin care analysis:

  • Most skin problems are hidden beneath the surface and only emerge as we age. Our Murad YouthCam Skin Scanner allows us to identify skin issues before they become visible
  • Facial analysis helps us to determine the best skin rejuvenation programme for you.
  • Regular scanning during the course of treatment can also help you see the difference our treatment is making to your skin

Book Your Skin Care Analysis Today with Our Experts

If you would like to unlock the secrets of healthy looking skin, you first need to unlock the secrets of your own skin. Our scanning system does this perfectly and will help us tailor the right course of treatment to suit your individual needs.

To arrange a free skin care analysis and consultation, speak to us at Therapie Clinic today on 08000 121 565. You can also use our contact form to book your appointment with our team.

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